Meet our Founders!

“Hello everyone! My name is Karen Willis and I love to work with children. It has been a joy to serve and minister to the little ones and the youth for fifteen years. My heart is to see every youth and child living in excellence and becoming a fulfilled leader through the Word of God. We learned in the beginning to completely serve the family and the child to give them the opportunity to become successful.

Our Outreach Ministry over the school continues to offer programs and services that will help the family and child.

My family of three grown, married children and grandchildren has supported and been a part of Angeldeer for fifteen years. I am married to a wonderful, caring man for 35 years that continues to support all my wild adventures in making sure every child has an opportunity to know about Jesus.

The name Angeldeer comes from my love of angels and my husband’s love of hunting and eating deer. So I decided to join the two to be a little different. It has stuck around and I have not seen the name repeated exactly the same way it is spelled.

Angeldeer is a school of excellence, school of respect, and a school designed to be a true force in the Kingdom.

Come and see just where your child could be in the future, now.”

- Karen Willis, Owner/Director of Angeldeer Learning Center

“Welcome to a new and exciting school year at Angeldeer Learning Center. My name is Natasha Turner and I will be your child’s teacher this year. I have been teaching at Angeldeer for over nine years with God’s continuous guidance. I am an Old Dominion University graduate with a bachelor’s degree. I have been married to a wonderful man for 23 years and we have three beautiful children.

Now we know that many of the children are a little scared to begin something new and different, but rest assured, things will get better! We will be working on establishing routines and behavior expectations for the first few weeks of school. This will allow them to gradually get used to the other children and allow them to understand how we expect them to behave.

We’ve found that when the children know exactly what we expect from them that makes their school day lot easier. They thrive on routine and it helps keep their anxiety level low.

This year your child will be learning many things about God’s Word and World, and they will be developing language skills. Coloring, painting, cutting, and gluing will help develop their manual skills. Your child will also learn all the letters and the sounds of the alphabet and number recognition. In the Bible, we will learn verses from memory beginning with Genesis 1:1.

You can encourage your child by asking them about their day at school and posting special papers in a place of honor. Be sure to praise them for their efforts they have shown!

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions concerning your child and/or their progress. We have a new app you can go into to find out about homework, ability and behaviors for the week on Schoology. It’s an exciting time!!!

Enjoy the progress and the excellence your child will develop.”

- Natasha Turner, Assistant Director and Lead Teacher at Angeldeer Learning Center